Everett Moorefield aka "EMOFI Beats " got his start in the music industry in the late 1980s. This was the era when hip-hop was really gaining momentum, and it was a genre that really interested Everett. Starting out as a B-Boy he would soon have an interest in creating the music that the crews would dance to. Djing would lead to Audio Engineering, Remixing and Music Production. Fast forward many years, a few degrees later and Everett has created a Production Studio, owned and managed Recording Studios in Tennessee and Virginia and continues to actively create audio/music for Tv/Film, Recording Artist and Business.    

On a more personal note, not many know Everetts full story, but we can tell you its an amazing story to hear. From serving in the United States Army,  how music therapeutically helped him during deployments to becoming an accomplished music producer, who fought colon cancer, became homeless, lost everything to once again fighting his way back to being a business owner, and engaging in the music business again. It's an amazing story as we said earlier. Everett was talking with a recording artist as we arrived to interview him for his Bio, and, he asked the artist "What is the distance between Dreams & Reality?" in a mathematical type way,  the artist hunched his shoulders in the I don't know fashion. Everett said, " The Distance between Dreams & Reality equals Action". You have to solve that problem in daily life with anything you aspire to do.